Saturday, 3 May 2014

VW 1200 International Police Car

While Brits had to escape the Hillman Imp, our European drivers had another Police car that shouldn't have been particularly difficult to get away from. #492 on the list is this VW 1200 Beetle bearing a Polizei sticker. It looks smart in green and white and is the second model based on this chassis design, the other being an East African Safari orange one with a rhinoceros.

These models have the same steering mechanism as the Austin A60 School of Motoring car, being operated from the roof light in this case. Now that is a lot less conspicuous than the ridiculous circular thing on the A60. Regrettably, later editions have a really stupid large steering wheel on top but they are Whizzwheels or later editions and thankfully out of the range that I collect!

I have two in stock, both in very good condition with minimal marks. The one without the stickers is probably the best in terms of bodywork but someone has broken the driver's window! It looks as if it is open on casual inspection but I may have to take it apart and repair it so that would put it on the Black List.

An East African Safari model is due in soon.

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