Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A bronze Oldsmobile Toronado

This is something I haven't seen anywhere else; a bronze Oldsmobile Toronado. It is the #276 model with Golden Jacks and arrived in pretty poor condition, missing all four wheels. Whilst the front bumper has some damage the paintwork is pretty good and, apart from a small crack in the rear window the interior is excellent and the suspension perfectly sound.

I have no idea what price to put on this as I can't find another for sale anywhere. I have two immaculate red versions in original and unmarked boxes in stock and they're £240 each so that's what I shall set as the price for this until I can find some more for sale somewhere.

This was very cheap to buy and I am sure the seller had no idea that he had the only one in this colour of all the 100 or so Toronados for sale at the time. Obviously the condition dragged its price down too, especially without wheels! Observers who didn't appreciate that it was a #276 and not a #264 would also have thought that replacing wheels would be a difficult task requiring baseplate removal! Luckily I found some original wheels going at a modest price too.

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