Saturday, 24 May 2014

Floride - the best looking Renault of all time

Just in is a nice olive green Renault Floride. One of those cars that had more chrome at the back than at the front. Actually it has only just occurred to me that it must have been rear-engined. That explains a lot. It's a great looking car that I was thinking I might like to have now. That thought, however, soon disappeared when I could only find one real one for sale at £10000 and it only has an 845cc engine!

Nice looking car and a tremendous reproduction of the original.

I bought a red one a long time ago, one of the first stock items I acquired. It had an original box and looked excellent. The box was all that was original though as I later recognised the different rivets that had been used when putting it back together. Those were early days and now I think I can spot a repair at 500 yards. Well, a few inches at any rate.

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