Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Corgi Model Club 261 Aston Martin: Re-issue²


I received my second Corgi Model Club re-issue of the 261 James Bond Aston Martin yesterday. I had presumed that this would be the revised reissue which they said would be available around now, the reissue being their decision as they were not satisfied with the paint finish. 

The first re-issue which we received earlier this year was stated to be a limited production run of 5000 and it was accompanied by a letter from the Club. This letter expressed their disappointment with the finish and offered members the chance to exchange the model for a later production once that was available. My understanding was that only the first issue had a limited production run and we all suspected that there would be a huge demand for this re-issue and 5000 would not be sufficient so the revised one one would be likely to be seen in much greater numbers.

I have included in this post photos I have taken of the two models. The latest one is on the left (or the lower in the top illustration). I have to say that it is not easy to see the difference! There is a noticeably shinier surface on the later edition but this is only clear from some angles. Otherwise it is identical. 

I am, therefore, a little unsure as to whether I do have the second issue or just another first issue. As I was not seeking a replacement, I ordered this from the Corgi model Club's online 'shop'. Understandably, there is no distinction or comment associated with this having a new paint finish but, as the model now offered to all and sundry, one would expect it to be the revised issue and I must, perhaps, conclude that this small extra bit of shine is all that has changed.

This certainly arrived with no letter but it did have a Certificate that was numbered and the number is 3769. So you will appreciate that, with little obvious paint difference and a Certificate numbered below 5000, I am wondering whether I have just another copy of the first issue.

I'll have to ask the Club but I'll wait a few days to see what others think. I would expect that those who opted to exchange their models will now be getting theirs and matters should become clear. If you have any obviously different model or know something about this, do get in touch. I will update this article as and when I get more information.

Needless to say, I am still more than pleased with this model and happy to have either two of what will be quite scarce first re-issues or one of each. I would just like to know what I do have!

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  1. I too have just received my second DB5, and like you, the only difference I can see is that the new one has an extra shine to it. Like you, I ordered the second one, rather than request a replacement and again I have a certificate (3703 vs 1696 for the first) that is identical to the first (apart from the number). Even the part number on the box (CD54321015) is the same. I guess as one is intended as a replacement for the other this is correct and this is the real "second edition".