Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Ghia Interior

You could start a collection solely comprising different combinations of the #241 Ghia exterior and interior colour schemes. As far as I can tell they all started simply enough with just a darkish metallic blue and a red interior. Then a metallic olive-green came along with a cream interior and an old gold version with either red or cream. You'll find cream interiors but red boot and bonnet elements - the plastic unit serving as suspension as well as helping the opening parts operate correctly sometimes not matching the interior and, often, the door inserts matching the suspension frame but not the seats!

There is a light silver-blue colour I haven't got yet with mostly red interiors but no doubt cream exists too and, finally, a lemon gold version came out near the end of this popular model's life. Thankfully, I am pretty sure these all had a bright yellow interior so no variations there, at least!

blue with all cream

all red interior as for most blue models

all cream in the metallic green version

blue with cream but red door inserts and boot / bonnet elements

gold with red door inserts and boot / bonnet elements

lemon gold with all yellow interior

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