Tuesday 9 July 2024

Corgi Lists Ten Years After

Google have just informed me that one of my most popular pages on this appears to be one that I wrote 10 year ago when I was attempting to start a list of Corgis. I do hope that people who landed up there didn't follow the link to my first attempt that was included there as it took them to a very old site and a list which I haven't kept up-to-date. With a bit of luck they'll have spotted the MODEL LIST link in the menu for this blog.

While I was looking around I noticed a few other lists which I've made over the years, some of which got published here, some maybe not. I've brought them all together so they can be found more easily in a box on the right of this blog in normal screen view. Quite where it goes in a phone view I'll have to check and advise later.

These include:

  • M model colours
  • Models with jewelled lights
  • The Gift Set 2 variations
  • Land Rover variations
  • Box illustrations
  • Whizzwheels models

I have many more and will add those that might be useful as and when I find them.

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