Thursday, 4 February 2021

A sweeter flavour gold for the James Bond Aston Martin


February is looking good with another valuable arrival this month. This is a late edition of the iconic James Bond Aston Martin in a non-metallic finish which is termed toffee gold in various publications. It is certainly quite different to the metallic finish, which itself comes in a few shades, but there are two further features that distinguish this one. Firstly, it has a brighter red interior and, secondly, the underside of the ejector roof has a matt, plastic-looking finish.

The bullet shield on these versions is also often a dark, almost black metal in contrast to the normal lighter metal colour.

This particular example seems to be in first class condition all round with all the features working and very minimal signs of wear, just a small chip and scuff mark on the roof and a feint rubbing mark on the top of the windscreen, visible only from some angles.

These seldom appear on the market. In an original box they're worth about £750. I'll try and find an original box but in the meantime it will be available with a first class reproduction box which also contains all the correct goodies at £300. There is another currently advertised at this price but with 'economy' postage of £13! It also has a suspicious problem with the ejector seat. 

As this gold colour is comparatively easy to find, you do need to beware of people who rebuild these. Some specialists do a super job but they will be highly unlikely to have the correct interior or roof so watch out for toffee coloured examples with the same colour on the roof underside and the original darker red interior.

These two illustrations are from a QDT blog on this issue.

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