Friday 10 November 2023

Corgi Model Club: Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman


Here's the latest Corgi Model Club issue, the Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman, #247 in the catalogue, first issued in 1964. I guess everyone knows that this had a unique special feature - the windscreen wipers that could be switched on and off. I am none too sure that the exclamation of the box that this was By Repeated Requests was really true but we'll let that pass. What I do remember is being a little disappointed with this when I had mine at the age of 12. The fixed rear wheels meant that it was useless to race round corners so it tended to be something that just sat on the layout looking very nice but not really something I wanted to play with.

The Corgi Model Club issue is a little similar - it looks very fine, beautifully finished in the medium metallic crimson shade. The original was issued in this shade as well as a much deeper maroon shade. The wheels do look quite smart but they're not right as the front should be free-spinning. 

There is also something not quite right about the roof profile. I was immediately struck by the difference - the upper frame seems too thick. On the original there was a sort of step as the photo below shows.

The design of the front screen is also incorrect. The original had 'raindrops' along the lower part of the screen. I also find that even when the switch is set to OFF the wiper will often engage as the gear mechanism is not completely disengaged. This is a minor matter however but not the roof-line which does spoil its appearance in my opinion.

At the back you have the usual near-perfect finish and painting of the chrome lines and orange lights.

In the box is an instruction sheet, printed just like the original on one side. The other side, of course, would not now be relevant but I might have thought that the Club people could have written something similar to print, promoting their Club even if there would not be much to replace TV21 promotion.

The box is very bright and shiny but we have got used to that now. The same font errors pertain to this production as they have done throughout these re-issues which is a pity as it should be an easy fix.

The model itself comes nicely wrapped in a decent sized piece of tissue paper instead of the thin film we have had before. I welcome that change and wonder if it will be permanent. I know originals had no protection and just rattled around inside their boxes, often leading to marks on the roof so it's nice to have this with the re-issue.

There's something I can't quite put my finger on about this model that isn't quite right, other than the top of the front screen. Not having an original to hand I can't put them side by side so it may just be my imagination.

It does look very fine sitting on my desk here on its own and I do compliment the Corgi Model Club team on the effort made with this and they have made a great job with the mechanism and controls as well as the finish and general stance of this model. Not my favourite, though.

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