Friday, 12 November 2021

International Love & Peace

 With news of British troops being sent to the Polish border with Belarus today, the completion of the models shown here seems appropriate - especially as the artist comes from Ukraine, where Russia finds it necessary to insist that the accumulation of 45000 extra troops on that border does not mean it intends to invade.

This is a 434 Camper Van that had seen better days and now suits those of us who remember the 60s. (The red plastic interior has been misbehaving so some further work is necessary I now see!)

One of two similar models - and I need to make it quite clear that Corgi (as in Hornby) copied me, not the other way round! Their recent issues which look very similar are, however, much too 'precise' and 'well-painted' for the skills that even the most artistic girls and boys I knew could have managed with paint brushes and spray cans at the time!

Now here is the truck which is on its way to Eilum, near Kneitlingen in Germany where Herr Richter  may decide to send it further East and a little North where there is clearly an urgent need for both some love and peace. Or maybe Trump could make himself useful and knock up one of the walls there for Poland that he had planned for Mexico.

This is also one of two International Trucks of the 6x6 variety that are now in similar livery.

This earlier edition has a decorated canopy too and no sign of khaki on the wheels.

If anyone is interested in supporting a good cause (my rent, food, drink and funds to buy more old Corgis) then one of the Trucks (to be decided) and the two Camper vans will be available to buy shortly. Contact me to reserve one.

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