Thursday, 21 October 2021

Corgi Model Club's Ghia 5000 Mangusta


This is a fine re-issue. A very attractive and, I think, faithful edition. Not having to hand an original, i am working from memory but I am sure this is an excellent copy in many respects.

One area that did not seem so good was the comparatively loose fit of the chassis. I recall having a much firmer fix for this with no movement at all once in place. This new one fits in very easily but has movement still. The suspension also seems lighter. Indeed, I don't recall the original having any (although it clearly must have had as it's written loud and clear on the box!)

It is the later edition with the 'T' logo in place of the 'Ghia' logo.

The aerial is in place!! So many of the originals have lost theirs that the price of a complete original is considerable now as it is so scarce. I do worry slightly that these new bodies might make it onto old chassis.

The wheels are very attractive and beautifully produced. (The red axle ends are a reflection.)

The chassis seems darker than I remember. It is the gold block rather than steel-coloured for the engine.

Extracting the chassis takes a while. The Chinese have a way with wire. I needed tweezers and do be careful as the looped section goes over the rear and through some delicate parts which could be damaged by too enthusiastic or desperate pulling.

The yellow plastic tray is very nicely copied and seems somewhat sturdier or more likely to survive use than the original!

A delight for many will be the copy of the ultra-scarce header card. I do hope this has some unique feature to distinguish it from the real ones. Never having seen, let alone have, this header card, I need to rely on the contribution of others in this respect.

Apart from the Chinese side (bottom) the box is superbly made and, to me, looks and feels exactly right.

On arrival, the cellophane panel is protected by a thin sheet of some plastic film.
It also comes with the square information card.

Definitely worth the modest outlay of about £24 in my opinion.

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