Thursday, 2 December 2021

Catch-up with The Corgi Model Club?

I joined the Corgi model Club in its very first incarnation. I got the Ice Cream Van and seem to recall that I never actually paid for it! That 'Club' then ceased and restarted in 2021 with the same Ice Cream Van but in a slightly different box and a smaller certificate. So I have been lucky and get each new issue as they appear. That's helpful as I have many readers now who like to get as early a review as possible of each new issue.

Those who join later will usually start with whichever issue is then the first one, depending on stock. I think that means new starters now kick off with the Mini-Cooper but it may not be long before that becomes the Saint's Volvo.

I recently read on a couple of posts on Facebook Groups for Corgi Collectors pages how several collectors had wanted to 'catch up' with issues and, for the appropriate additional payment, the Club sent them whatever was required. So, for example, someone whose monthly service would have delivered a Land Rover Breakdown truck this week, they could get the Mustang, Ghia and Bentley sent in one go and then their next monthly delivery would be the very latest one, whatever that may be.

This seems an entirely sensible idea and my son (who lives at a separate address), who had joined somewhat later than me, liked the idea of catching up so that we would get the same models at about the same time. He duly called the Model Club but was told in no uncertain terms that this was not possible! I sent him copies of correspondence on the Group pages and suggested he try again, using email this time.

I am hoping that, this time, he succeeds. Another son also wants to start (and is not at the same address either) and I have suggested he asks the same question and hope that he is successful too. It would be so much nicer to compare notes at roughly the same time. I also recall reading something to this effect on the Corgi Model Club's own website although I have not been able to find it again. I may have imagined it but I shall have another look soon.

I cannot see any objection, other than some administrative inconvenience for the Corgi Model Club in supporting this 'catch-up' and it does mean they will have better cash flow with faster movement of more recent models too. I appreciate that there is not much anyone can do about models missed that were issued prior to joining which may now be out of stock. Those will have to be sought - most are available online with sellers who do not want to keep them or dealers who managed to get duplicates somehow and not all are at huge prices. Maybe the young lady who turned down my son's request thought that he wanted to go back in time rather than forward and that would make her refusal make more sense. 




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