Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Corgi Toys @ 60: First Italian Model and the S range starts

May 1960 brought us the first Italian car in the shape of the Fiat 1800. You could have this in mustard, pale blue or pale blue with a dark blue roof. There also seem to be two shades of interior - lemon and a very bright yellow, the latter mainly found in the mustard cars.

These started with smooth fixed wheels and late examples may have shaped fixed wheels. The casting lived on after the 1800 with a 2100 model coming in 1961 with jewelled headlamps and a blind in the rear window.

The other 'first' this month was the introduction of the S models. Where an existing model got suspension and, in most cases, an interior, the S suffix was added to its catalogue number. The first to be upgraded was the Studebaker Golden Hawk in its gleaming silver or gold plated finish.

The 211S also gets a gold coat of paint as opposed to shiny style finish but I think this will have been later in its production as I have yet to see any of these with smooth fixed wheels which the May 1960 models would have been fitted with.

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