Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Metallic Green Club

382 Porsche 911S Targa
Some very attractive Corgi models have been produced in metallic green. Here are all the cars that I have at present and if I find any more I shall add them. Starting with the Porsche 911, a very realistic model and, apart from an odd casting join line on the rear wing, this is excellent. Strangely, it was a strange police version that came out first in 1970, the normal sports car appearing in 1971.

316 Ford GT 70
The Ford GT70 also came out in 1971 but had a much shorter lifespan, being withdrawn in 1973. This has the better eight spoke wheels and nice jewelled lights at the back. The Porsche has jewelled headlights and both have that air of good tradition about them and sit happily next to the pre-Whizzwheel cars.

329 Ford Mustang Rally
Much later, in 1973, came this lovely Mustang Mach1. It had been around the previous year in red as a Bond car from Diamonds Are Forever but I reckon this is by far the more attractive model. It has an even later set of wheels - the Bond version can be found with both this type and the eight spoke but, thankfully, not the old ugly ones.

284 Citroen SM
I have written separately about France's contribution to the metallic green set with the wonderful and very collectible Citroen SM. This was around from 1970 to 1976 but is still very hard to find in good condition and the mauve version is the rarer.

222 Renault Floride
France's previous entry to this club would be the Renault Floride - all the colours used for that model actually look great.

334 BMC Mini Manifique
The British have two cars that can be included: the later Mini in a very similar shade to the Porsche 911 and the second Rover 2000 in a bit of a dull shade of green.

275 Rover 2000TC
Finally, another American - the Ghia L6.4. It looks rather dull in this photo. I must take some more as it is definitely 'greener' than it appears.

241 Ghia L6.4
And, I think, that completes the metallic green section. Unless, of course, I find something else. I have a suspicion there are some more out there!

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