Friday, 11 July 2014

Citroen SM

This is a model that could have worked brilliantly. With the Mazak stamp on the base, though, the bodywork detail is just not there. The bonnet join line is extremely shallow in places, for example. However, it is one of the nicest Whizzwheels with some great features. The wheels on one are the nicer eight spoke on the mauve  and the lime green has an even later variety, the opening doors have bright window surrounds and that is mounted in such a way that a section of the shiny plastic makes a door handle! Whoever thought of that deserves a medal.

At the back is a decent opening hatch with the plastic lined to indicate a rear screen demisting element and the rear parcel shelf also lifts. The rear lights look as if they ought to be connected to a trans-o-lite element or have a light source somewhere.

At the front the registration plate is French as it should be and nicely placed behind a tinted plastic cover. 

The lime green one also has the correct rear plate still in place too.

This was a spectacular car in the real world with a Maserati engine and, especially in the lime and mauve colours used by Corgi, it makes a pretty collectible model too from a generally dire period.

The lime yellow model comes with a very good ‘pink stripe’ box issued late in this model’s existence.

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