Wednesday, 9 May 2018

New arrivals in April

In an attempt to raise some money to buy some of the more expensive items on my Wanted List I make only a small apology for using the News blog to display some of the models still available that have arrived on my desk during the month.
466 B £45
205 A £80
238 D £35

9001 + box A / B £60

9002 + box A / B £54
214M B £95
490 C £40
1148 B £100
GS36 A / B+ £220
1161 B £42

900 + box A / B £60

1109 £75

1160 B+ £30

418 B- £20

322 B+ £80

359 B £45

210S B- £160

417S D £30

438Quake-Up! C+ £30

322 (near copy) R £49

318 A £50

383 B+ £25

308 B £50

277 B+£80

241 C+ £50

348  B £75

348  B £80

200 B £55

GS22 (part) B / C+ £110
For full details of any item in stock can be found in my store or just get in touch. The condition estimate letters range from A (near mint) to E (suitable for parts or repair only). R means it is not original.

Prices include UK postage. Items can be posted abroad - just ask for the rates. Payment can be made by PayPal, bank transfer or cash in an envelope. Ask for details. 

Subject to availability as these are also listed at various stores on-line.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Corgi Toys @ 60: The RAF fly in.

It is May 1958 and CND are demonstrating in London but at your local toy shop you could buy a Thunderbird Missile on a trolley. I cannot imagine many children walking out clutching only the 350 model; no doubt they persuaded their parent or older brother to buy the 351 RAF Land Rover too.

In a few months they'd be able to buy them both as Gift Set 3 but they wouldn't know that then.

The 351 Land Rover is a 406 model in RAF blue with a matching tin canopy. It also has an RAF roundel on the front wing.

The 350 Thunderbird missile is Corgi's first military model, produced in silver-painted metal with a rubber nose cone. It is held on the trolley by a couple of clips. the trolley itself has a very long tow bar, necessary to reach the hook on the Land Rover.

It looks pretty much as it should do, other than the colour. I rather doubt that these would actually have been drawn by a Land Rover but I'm no expert. The Corgi 350 I have seen in a pale duck egg blue and also a creamy white colour, as well as silver.

This would be the first of a series of increasingly big missiles Corgi would release in what is now a much sought after group of military vehicles and equipment.