Tuesday, 7 August 2018

New arrivals in July

317 £50

222 blue / lemon £45

208M £45

222 maroon / lemon £50

GS40 £160

462 £80 (reserved)

462 'Combex' £TBA

1106 £64

300 £54

159 £40

158 £36

155 £36

281 £85

406S £180

201M £55

273 boxed as new £300

Corgi Toys @ 60: Mercedes 300SL and Lucozade

Corgi's second European model appears this month in 1958 in the very attractive and accurate shape of the Mercedes 300SL.

You will find this mostly in white with a blue interior. The other colour scheme is blue with a cream interior. Neither are particularly scarce as this was a popular model and sold very well. The ones to look out for are those with shaped fixed wheels. In production until 1960, or possibly early 1961 when it was replaced by a version with suspension, it can only have been those produced late in the day that will have shaped wheels.

There are a few examples around which appear to be 'crossover' models where the white or blue body has a 303S chassis with suspension. So you cannot assume that if the model is white or pale blue it will be 303! The suspension is not always obvious on the later models, getting quite stiff in some cases, so sellers often make mistakes with listings. One thing seems certain: if it is shiny silver and/or has a strip then it is the later 303S.

Something else that people get wrong is the driver. The 303 models did not have one.

Corgi fitted quite a solid screen to these models, the front windscreen being supported by the fixed side windows and the perspex is rather thicker than was used for the earlier open top cars. This has helped a good number survive but if it does get damaged then, unlike the others, you cannot just slot of replacement screen in the hole. Perhaps with some care a replacement screen could be glued in place without being too obvious but it is otherwise a task that requires the base to be removed.

The other model fresh to the shelves in your local toy shop in august was another use of the Karrier bantam casting, now to produce this attractive Lucozade van. It has a nice vertical opening door at the side, a plastic element going up and across the inside of the roof most realistically.

This model can be found with fixed smooth or shaped wheels, the latter being less common but not hard to find as this stays in production through to 1962, a year or so longer than the Mercedes.

I often wonder whether Corgi received some payment for promoting the drink. This was only the second occasion in which a commercial product had been advertised on their models, the first being Moorhouses a few months earlier.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Corgi Toys @ 60: Lotus Eleven and Gift Set 3

July 1958 brought model number 151, a Lotus Mk 11 Le Mans Racing Car into the shops. This could be found in several shades of mostly pale blue, bearing racing numbers 1, 3 or 7. It is also available in silver and red. the red editions are scarce and I have yet to find one for myself!

It is an extremely simple model and seems very dated when compared to some of the other models it will have been next to on the shelves in 1958. That is, however, a fair representation of the real thing, designed for minimum weight and air resistance.

The Corgi model had a thick plastic screen and metal steering wheel and all these issues would have had smooth fixed wheels. I have no idea how anyone would be able to change the tyres on one of these! So, if you are thinking of buying one, check the tyres.

Below is a photograph of a real Lotus Eleven from the Lotus Eleven Register web site which has plenty of information about this model.

Try not to confuse this model with a later edition, 151A, which appears in September 1961 in a brighter blue with a stripe on the bonnet, slightly different screen design and a driver behind the wheel. The first issue did not come with a driver and if it has a stripe it will have been added later. Some sellers do get confused, however, and think they're doing a good job by adding these!

The other new item for July 1958 was Gift Set No. 3, featuring 350 and 351, the Thunderbird Missile on a trolley drawn by the RAF Land Rover, each having been released individually in May.

Friday, 29 June 2018

New arrivals in June

Coming to the village this month has been another fascinating selection, including one or two models I have not seen before. The star of the show has to be the 242 Ghia Fiat 600 Jolly with a decent box too! This arrived in a massive box! That was necessary as the little yellow car was something I had spotted buried in an auction lot of dreadful fire engines - two enormous C1103 Fire Trucks from the late 1970s and a boxed Simon Snorkel.

242 Giat Fiat 600 with box Jolly £275

464 Commer Police Van £50

GS40 Excellent models in great reproduction box £160

236 Asutin A60 Driving School Car £35

213S Jaguar Fire Chief's Car £45

227 £35

227 £35

227 £60

226 £40

203 bright yellow with excellent original box £160

275 (rebuilt from green / tan edition) £30

275 original (but with some new paint) £44
Not so much arrivals as re-appearances - these seemed to look better with the bare metal polished. Projects as yet unfinished.

GS14 (truck only) with free spinning wheels! Price TBA

216 Austin A40 with shaped wheels £45

207 Standard Vanguard III with shaped wheels Price TBA

225 Austin Seven deep red Type 1c base fixed wheels £70

234 Ford Consul Classic with free spinning wheels Price TBA

200 Ford Consul 2nd edition £45

1127 Bedford Simon Snorkel Fire Engine with excellent box £80

C1103 Airport Crash Truck Price TBA

31007 Heavy Haulage Annis & Co. Ltd Price TBA

This last item, the Annis & Co Heavy Haulage model is as new in its original packing with a limited edition certificate. Now something like this would not normally feature in my stock but Mr & Mrs Annis live across the road from me in the village and Mr Annis is a nephew of one of the company's owners. He is going to supply me with some additional background detail, expanding on the paragraph people get in the box, and also providing some photos to make this a little more appealing item for a collector.

Oh yes, Skippy arrived too! A colleague had a lovely 302 Hillman Hunter in an original box but no kangaroo so I found this great original for him. I think I paid more for the kangaroo than I did for some cars!