Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Corgi Toys 1956-74. Lists.

Here is what ought to be a fairly complete list of Corgi models from 1956 to 1974 in something approximating to scale 1:43. Basically, the 'normal' size Corgis before the big 1:36 size days.

I have used information from Marcel van Cleemput's The Great Book of Corgi and some other research in compiling this and will continue to revise this as necessary so please e-mail me if I have missed something important or made a mistake. The list shown here and also on my web site are 'live' Google sheets so will always show the most recent data.

I have also made separate lists available for this list without the Corgi Majors and Gift Sets. One or two remain but it makes for easier reference without them.

A-Z List
Model No. order
Possibly scarcity

This last is just a guide and guesswork. All I did was take the number of years items had been available for and then sort by declared numbers sold where that is available. Now, of course, there'll be some that sold lots and lots in a short time and others that sold as slowly as a Field Radar device but was around for years - they'll appear either way too high or too low in the list but that's the best I can do and it was interesting to see how many had been around for less than a year (so really should be a bit scarce) and those that have almost always been there.

You can also see which makes have the most different models.I'll leave you to guess and check for yourself on the ABC sheet.

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