Friday, 11 July 2014

The Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray coupé. Here today...

300 in metallic red

300 in metallic green

A Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray coupé was available in April 1970, one of the most photogenic of all the range - the model was just well-proportioned and the bright crimson and green reflective paint sort of suited the model. I am not at all sure it would have worked on the real thing! It had the excellent 'Golden Jack' removable wheels but not a great deal else. The bonnet opened and there was a nicely detailed engine with some parts picked out in black plastic. They had come a long way since the black plastic being used for an oversized oil filler cap on a Triumph Herald.

However, well into 1970 meant the Whizzwheel machine was well and truly rolling. Several models were in the shops and had been for getting on for a year. These #300 models were, therefore, going to have a short life and in June 1972 #387 appears with the dreaded plastic feet.

387 in metallic but not very shiny blue

Instead of nice jewels at the back, there are now just blobs, possibly coloured red although Corgi seemed to be economising on the red paint too as I've seen several models without it.

red blobs for tail lights on #387

red jewels for tail lights on #300

I spotted this one, though, on the Little Wheels site and - guess what - it is a Whizzwheels version but with tail light jewels! It must have been a very early changeover variant coming out after the decision to change the wheels, baseplate and paint them blue but before a supply of the casts with filled in rear lights were available.

just to confuse us all

So these Whizzwheel versions are even rarer - not only are there the two variants but also they were deleted in 1973 after just a year! I don't know how many were sold but my guess is that it wasn't many and they are extremely difficult to find now. The author of the Little Wheels site, another Andrew, thinks there was just a blue #387 but here's something a bit special that should change his mind on that!

coming soon!

When this arrives I shall add some better photos. It is in excellent condition and quite original. These Whizzwheel years are actually proving quite fascinating. You really never do quite know what you're going to discover in that very short period.

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