Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Any colour you like as long as it's orange

388 Mercedes-Benz C111

389 Reliant Bond Bug 700ES

These really are not the best of Corgi's models but the paint doesn't exactly help. It's thick and extremely orange. They are both from early 1971 and each has a unique way of opening doors. The Mercedes has what became known as 'gull wings' and they can still be seen today. The whole of the Reliant top part opens at the push of a button at the back. 

Both models are in excellent condition but neither were at all popular and get a bit frowned upon by collectors. That's not just the dreadful plastic Whizzwheels but the casting appears to be different and far less well defined than traditional Corgi standards brought before. These are both 'Mazak' models, on which there's a separate post following.

345 MGC GT

Now, from 1969, the short-lived MGC GT with spoked wheels. It's still orange but a lot nicer! I also have a beautiful yellow and black version with original box too.

345 MGC GT Competition

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