Wednesday, 16 July 2014

More orange

204 with curved back

The last of the 'normal' Corgi minis was #204 available for just under two years from 1972. That wasn't long and although minis were always popular this is easily the most difficult to find (excluding the Mostest one!)

There seem to be just two colours around, a dark metallic blue which looks quite nice and orange which doesn't. One valuation site lists just prices for models with black roofs. I haven't seen any with black roofs at all and am being to lose faith in that place which also has most of the Whizzwheels range priced at under £20 without a box and in one or two instances with a box! I wish. Minis like this, though, are £140 in a box and £45 without.

The cast used seems to be the same as the most recent purple #226 which has a distinctly rounder rear end. Included in this post are several photos of some other minis I have, showing the two different shades of blue and different wheels. I have yet to find an Austin with free spinning wheels but, strangely, all my Morris minis have them apart from one in dreadful condition that I repainted.

226 with cast wheels and curved back

226 lilac blue with cast wheels

226 pale blue

226 Morris Mini Minor repainted silver

225 Austin Seven

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