Monday, 2 June 2014

Shades of blue Jaguar

Two Jaguars enter the stock list this week and despite being some 10 years apart are almost the same shade of blue! First is the excellent Jaguar 2.4 and this is #208M, the 'Mechanical' version in full working order and almost unmarked paintwork. I am really pleased to have this in stock and have not seen another either in this shade or with the motor mechanism in as good condition.

The second is a very attractive Jaguar E Type 4.2, the second E-type Corgi produced, with opening everything. Often the chrome elements suffered on this cars but this one, brought in from Italy, has been taken care of all its life. They were sold in a sort of bubble type of packaging that no-one bothered to keep and usually got messed up being opened anyway. So there wasn't even somewhere for any child to put the model if they had wanted to protect it in later years.

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