Monday, 2 June 2014

Corgi Toy Catalogue 1961

The Bentley Continental arrives along with some other classics like the Mercedes Benz 220SE with steering as saloon cars begin to grow significantly in numbers. The catalogue starts with a two page spread describing the manufacturing process and I learned for the first time today what fettling was.

Military missiles are still prominent and the sets do look pretty magnificent as The Rocket Age continued. Lots of utility vehicles are displayed too but the M models are now well gone and only a few remain without spring suspension or interiors.

The front cover shows racing cars and there are odd developments with the very old-fashioned looking, and basic racing cars. 150 and 152 become 150S and 152s with suspension but still a very chunky appearance. 151 is 151A. Not sure what has changed there, other than maybe it getting a driver. What is different and smart, though, is the Ecurie Ecosse Racing Car Transporter. This had steering too! It was a great looking model and something I have always wanted but, even now, never owned. I shall find one one day at a reasonable price perhaps but most so far have been very expensive. They also have several versions with different colour lettering.

The farm stuff is going strong - the Combine Harvester still a very impressive toy but now costing 20/2 - that's 2 pence more than £1 for those not familiar with our old currency! The catalogue also illustrates the five packs of accessories that you could buy, including number plates, tax discs, AA and RAC badges etc. Many models I buy now still have these affixed.

The drawings are quite accurate but not as nice as those from the previous year, with a grainier finish. Now, though, the pages feature more illustrative pictures of the parts of the world related to the groups.

This catalogue was issued in late 1961 and lasted throughout 1962 as well.

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