Thursday, 12 June 2014

Here they come

Here are a couple of models that are in the 'odd' group when it comes to the Corgi catalogues. There had been a lovely Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray around for years but Corgi must have decided it was time for a revision and took away the twin jewelled headlamps that folded away and came up with this monstrosity, calling it a 'customised' version. It sure was, with stickers everywhere and almost as much engine on the outside as under the bonnet.

It is difficult to find now a model with the chrome bumpers in good condition. They suffered badly and, like the original Sting Ray, showed the yellow or cream plastic beneath.

And we also had The Monkees! 

The Customised Stingray may have been introduced to use up the wheels left over when interest in the Monkees faded. This crazy red car has the four band members inside and looks ridiculous, also displaying lots of chrome engine bits through the bonnet. I was a huge Monkees fan but this is not something I ever longed to add to my collection!

I thought I'd better get these items in stock, though, for someone who does want a decent example. The Stingray is in supperb condition. One of the Monkeemobiles has lovely, unmarked paintwork but the transfers have suffered (and Mickey Dolenz has fallen out), The one with good transfers and all four people has a few small chips.

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