Thursday, 5 June 2014

Corgi Toy Catalogue 1963

The front cover has this remarkable colour sketch of what could be any suburban high street except that it has six lanes! Sitting waiting for the schoolboy in dark pink blazer to cross with his corgi dog are a Thames Airborne Camper Van, a Chevrolet Impala and a Jaguar Mk X.

The Thames and Chevrolet are not new models but the Jaguar is, joined by the Citroen Safari and one or two others. Military items now claim just half a page and Chipperfields Circus extends even further now. I think several of the army vehicles have been re-used as Circus vehicles too now.

There are also plenty of commercial bans and lorries still around but overall the catalogue seems quite sparse with so many pages devoted to kits and layout items.

The cover boy is clutching a brown paper parcel which we have to assume is a new Corgi Toy, just bought from the shop nearby. The shop awning bears the name TIES which I have always thought a bit odd. Clearly the artist had something in mind as they're not random strokes just trying to resemble letters. There doesn't appear to be another canvas to the left where perhaps some preceding letters of a name might have been and, in any case, this one extends across the whole width of the shop front. Odd.

Land Rovers 416S and 417S, the RAC and breakdown truck versions, are featured for the first time along with 351S in RAF trim but, intriguingly, 438 is also shown. All marked as #available later'. My guess is that this will make the S editions have quite a short life. I hadn't seen many around and that may explain why.

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