Thursday, 12 June 2014

Citroen Safari seats

There are two versions of #475: one with the Olympics 1964 sticker and a yellow roof rack and a Corgi Ski Club version with a red roof rack. I don’t think the roof rack colours were interchangeable but I may be wrong there.

This came first as it is billed in the 1965 catalogue and the Ski Club one comes in the 1966 catalogue. I guess the 1964 sticker would have dated it rather and hence the change!

All white now but with very odd seating. The yellow one had pea green seats but this Olympics model has a pea green dashboard and rear folding seats but brown front seats and panelling. That’s weird. I thought it had been poorly restored but that is not the case. It was made this way. And, crazily, the Ski Club version appears to have the colours reversed!!

I haven’t been able to confirm whether this is random or designed yet. Both are in very good condition, hardly any marks anywhere but needs skis, poles and the skier.

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