Saturday, 14 June 2014


The Oldsmobile Super 88 appeared as a Sheriff's car in the 1963 catalogue and was the first use of this car. The normal saloon was marked as 'Available Later' and the US Army Staff Car version (that I haven't yet tracked down) didn't appear until the 1965 catalogue but I am sure it will have been on sale much earlier, in 1963 or 54 probably as there wasn't a 1964 catalogue.

The models are all quite simple affairs (apart from The Thrushbuster version). With strong suspension, free spinning wheels and straightforward silver paint for the chrome and no opening anything, there is little to go wrong and original models can still look tremendous today.

In 1967 it gets revived for the Man From Uncle TV series car. It is always quite a rarer version of the real car - with a tapered and slightly odd-looking rear end. Earlier and later models had much more attractive designs with fins or, at least, lacking the droop.

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