Wednesday, 9 April 2014

There's still an old Buick on the Home page!

I finally managed to re-write the web site so that, apart from one or two main pages, all the image galleries come from Picasa web albums. There is a slight delay in their loading but the whole thing's a lot simpler to manage now. It was taking hours just to make a small amendment as the software insisted on loading everything when I opened the site locally and an autosave process kicked in almost every minute and lasted 55 seconds!

Anyway, all's well that ends well and here are some of the new pages. Every model I have in stock is illustrated and with an on-line purchase option and there is information and current auction data for every item from the 1956-70 era. 

The home page has to keep that Buick photo!
(even though it is the worst of the three I have in stock!)

The 'All Models' section tries to show every one from 1956 to c 1970
 - and the Rolls is for sale too.

One of my Ghias for the Stock page.

Getting in touch is simple. And, yes, that is a very rare #500 with a box too.

Stock is divided into various categories - like Farm stuff

There is a photo gallery for every model I have for sale.
They're not all that expensive though!

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