Wednesday, 16 April 2014

If you were stopped by one of these it must have been for driving too slowly

Another new model in stock - #506 Police 'Panda' Imp. Now imagine one of these appearing in your rear view mirror... no, only if you were driving through Dunstable on a weekday morning would that have been a likely event. This is another late era model from Corgi who must have had a load of these left over from the Monte Carlo Rally version they'd issued earlier but would have become out of date.

Unlike the Minis, I don't think another Imp won again in major style so what do they do with all those casts with an extended baseplate and that strange shape attachment on the front? Ah, make it a Police car. Of course.

It's a cute little model with an opening rear window which was fine on the normal version but not much good for storing bollards and offering a quick escape route to anyone being taken in. I believe this has luminous paint on the sides - can't wait to see if it still works!

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