Friday, 11 April 2014

Hi, my name's Marlin. Rambler Marlin.

A couple of slightly unusual additions today: a Lotus Elan in white with an 'I've Got A Tiger In My Tank' sticker on the boot and the wonderfully named Rambler Marlin . I sometimes imagine the conversation in 1965: 'Hello that's a nice car. What's it called?' 'Rambler Marlin  Fastback' 'Oh.' 'What do you drive?' 'Er, a Morris Minor'. 

Now, Morris Minors are great cars but Americans did beat us on the names.

263 Rambler Marlin Fastback 2+2

318 in white with driver

The Lotus is an original #318 but I got a reproduction driver and sticker for what would have been an Emma Peel car. Remember that one of these went for £800 or more at an auction recently, £100 for a close copy of an otherwise collectable car anyway seems reasonable.

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