Friday, 4 April 2014

"Mrs Peel, You're Needed."

I have made my first decent quality alternative Gift Set 40. The box wasn't as difficult as I had thought. Taking a poor reproduction one apart, I discovered that there were four sections - two made the base that the cars sit on and two make the box itself and flaps. Each shape fits onto an A4 sheet so it was something I can create without having to use a specialist printer.

After lots of measurements and drawing I had the various elements drawn and added images and text. Finally I printed the four sheets on photograph paper, which seemed about the right weight and looks good quality too, scored some edges, folded and glued them together.

I think it has worked pretty well. I shall use these for a Corgi Bentley and either a Vitesse Lotus or a repainted Corgi #338. That way I can sell the sets for much less than the expensive originals ad people can choose the combination they prefer. I shall make the correct plates for the Lotuses but I don't think there is anywhere easy to place them on the Bentley. Steed also had quite a few different plates too!

I haven't decided whether to include Steed, Mrs peel or the umbrellas every time. Again, I may make it optional for people to tell me whether Mrs Peel (and the others) are needed. Reproduction items are fairly easy to find but the current supplier does seem to take a long time. I wonder whether he is painting them himself and collecting them in person from South Korea.

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