Saturday, 26 April 2014

Minis come and minis go.

In 1961 the Austin Seven appeared as #225 but no-one called it that. It was a mini.This lasted unchanged until 1965 and you will probably have only ever seen red ones with yellow seats. (There is a primrose Austin Seven but I haven't found one yet.) In 1963 Corgi brought in the Morris Mini Minor and that was pale blue. This model lasted much longer - until 1968 when a new casting came along for a new model entirely. Late in its life, though, a new colour was introduced - this gorgeous deep red-purple - and I have managed to get one in superb condition and with an original box too.

This has cast wheels with the fluted design used on many of the late era models. 

I have red #225s with fixed wheels and pale blue #226s with free spinning wheels, the more common variants in each case. So I am now looking for Austins with free spinning wheels and a pale blue Morris with fixed ones to complete the picture. There shouldn't be any red-purple ones with fixed wheels.

And, there's the primrose Austin to track down somewhere too. I just mentioned that in case you have what I need tucked away somewhere.

Not that sort of mini, Ed.

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