Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Psychedelic stickers on a Ford Mustang

BBC Radio 2Mail is celebrating the wonderful Ford Mustang this week. I also got another one in stock. This is the last of the era, #348 and clearly someone at Corgi must have been suffering the effects of too much Summer of Love but managed to persuade colleagues to paint it pale blue (not exactly lovely against the pale turquoise interior) and then add psychedelic stickers in bright red, orange and yellow on any vaguely flat panel!

The same chap was probably also responsible for the similarly decorated Mini which is now the most sought after model and selling for silly figures whenever one surfaces.

This one is in very good condition indeed and most of the stickers are still intact and clean. The tyres are massively wide and look original. There are not many of these around in good condition.

The other Ford Mustangs I have for sale are #320 (the first release) in silver, purple, dark blue and pea green and the Competition model #325 in white with red stripes.

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