Wednesday, 17 May 2017

There were no rhinos in Australia

Mrs Peel is delivering this Lotus Elan S2 to the white cottage you can just about see in the distance. However, Google StreetView stops here so maybe she's waiting for Steed to help her find her way across this huge and lovely looking estate near Alloway in Ayrshire.

This orange VW 1200 certainly brightens up the neighbourhood in this street in Dublin where it landed this week.

A collector in the totally unpronounceable Llwyngwril in Wales tells me he is really pleased with the International Rally edition of the Rover 2000 I made, seen here with the correct red interior. Looks like some colourful birds have come out to check it over too. 

James Bond appears to firing at some poor kid in Sun Street, Stoke where Akiko Wakabayashi has parked his old Toyota 2000GT, which they sold to someone there. That'll annoy the neighbours and let's hope no-one steals the gold bumper.

Meanwhile, Cityview, Victoria may now have the only rhino in Australia as the Chipperfields Circus Crane and Rhino Cage set complete their journey across the planet, protected en route by a nice, almost as new, box too.

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