Friday, 26 May 2017

The Jaguar Box and a Black Cab Wheel

A colleague of mine has recently started collecting Corgi Toys and finds what are usually very familiar models to add to his shelves each month. On my visit to St. Albans yesterday, however, he had a couple of quite interesting items. First is this box which came with a nice and unmarked Jaguar E Type. I have seen one or two plain boxes, with no model image, but the number is either printed in the blank area at the end or, in one case I've seen, written in. The use of a label like this is new to me and I would be glad to hear from anyone who might have more information.

Perhaps this label was, indeed, an alternative to the printed number - this being simpler to produce, of course. It may also have been produced by the shop, which would explain why I might not have seen any anywhere before.

The normal 307 box was, I thought, a little bigger, allowing space for the chunky circular cardboard that protected the delicate plastic hood.

The box itself looks original and has the sort of ageing I'd expect although it seems a little more brown than the grey I am more used to seeing. It may be simply the case that the grey card was used for the illustrated boxes and the browner shade for the temporary ones.

The second surprise was this 418 Austin Taxi. It is the pretty common Whizzwheels version and he has found himself an example in excellent condition too. The steering wheel, however, is black whereas all the models I have had have been grey. I doubt that the black steering wheel is any less common than the grey one and guess that it may just be a later replacement in the life of this very long-running model. I should have known about such things but, clearly, I am still learning!

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