Friday, 12 May 2017

Steed and Jeeves stop for some repairs and three Emmas go shopping.

I seem to have accumulated a number of Steeds and Emma Peels, as well as a few other Corgi characters. These two Bentleys have recently arrived, both with wonderful paintwork but each requiring attention. The steering wheel has come off the 9004 and, oddly, the Steed's Bentley off-side front wheel was the type without a brake drum that would usually go on the side. That one also had a broken screen.

I've fixed Jeeves back with his steering wheel. The Bentley is virtually unmarked but Bertie Wooster has hoofed it off somewhere so I'll have to sell this with just Jeeves. I'm waiting for a screen for Steed's Bentley which is otherwise immaculate with not even the usual chips on the rails. There are some very nice Lotus Elans in stock, original Mrs Peels and even a set of umbrellas so I've ordered a box and will have a very nice Avengers Gift Set 40 to offer in a week or so.

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