Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Shades of blue Riley Pathfinder

This delightful Riley pathfinder arrived today. These 205M models are definitely one of my favourites. The motor works well on this one too. Not bad after 60 years. The windows need cleaning and when I can find something that will go through the gap in the wheel arches to do the job then they'll look a whole lot better.

The colour is quite a bit brighter and the paint shinier than the others I have. It's the one on the right in the next picture.

The difference isn't obvious in these pictures but is quite noticeable in normal light. I have read of a different shade but I remember that being said to be dull and not shiny like this one. This is certainly not dull so I don't think it can be that one, whatever it was. Now I try to search for whatever article it may have appeared in and can't find anything! If anyone knows more about the 'other' blue then do please get in touch.

My collector friend in Eilum, Germany may want this as he has been looking for a good one for a while but if he chooses another then I'll advertise this one in a few weeks' time. Once I've cleaned the windows!

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