Friday, 12 May 2017

Nice logos, shame about the typeface.

The 339 Austin with cast wheels, now with a full set of transfers. All credit to Noel Wilson and Four Little Wheels for producing these and doing so in the correct font for the RN177. The others that come up when you first look, such as those Mr Flowers sells, are quite wrong and, whilst I have no objection to anyone trying to make old cars look good again with them, it is so much more satisfying when they make an effort to use the right elements.

So, yes, it is very white and new looking but a very nice copy of the original as you can see below on a 339 Morris.

Mr Wilson is also responsible for the excellent transfers I used on the Rover 2000 Sun International Rally edition you'll see in a recent post. In fact, I am not sure I know anyone else who does these. Plenty of 333 Mini ones around but no others for the Rover. He doesn't necessarily appear in search results but I do thoroughly recommend you get in touch if you need anything like this. Check out the Facebook page.

Now, where am I going to find a 339 Morris with normal wheels?

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