Thursday, 6 March 2014

Shades of Aston Martin

The middle one arrived and its brick red shade was immediately obviously different to the two I had already - and they were pretty different! This one only cost a few pounds and I had intended to add it to the Black List to take apart and repaint. However, it is very clean, has virtually no paint loss and I can't discern any evidence of interference. I am it is original. The thought did occur to me that it had changed shade after being left in the sun but the interior shows none of the fading that would have happened in such a case.

That did get me looking closer at the other two as well and I am now sure that the lovely bright red one with the cast wheels has to be a restoration. An extremely good one, mind. 

This also came in  for less than its postage and was expected to go to the Black List but, again, is far too good and definitely all original. Apart from some chips around the headlamps there isn't a mark on it. I always find that yellow a strange colour but at least the shade seems consistent!

There was, well is I suppose, another yellow one that was probably red originally and had this really thick coat of paint that had cracked like earth in a drought. That spent a day in a strong acid bath and emerged completely unscathed! Goodness only knows what sort of paint that is! I think I'll have to abandon it and just use some bits for spares.

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