Thursday, 6 March 2014

Lotus Elan by Vitesse

Now I know this isn't a Corgi Toy and some readers will be frothing at the mouth that I am even featuring this but it is quite remarkable and not at all expensive. About £15 buys this Vitesse model of a white Elan with extraordinary detailing. It's metal, 1:43 and feels much like its Corgi equivalent but there is no suspension and the wheels are fixed to the axles. It actually comes in a perspex display box and claims to be number 0128 of 2872 - that's a surprise as I had just written to the manufacturer to ask whether I could buy some direct but clearly it is a limited edition and the other 2871 are circulating somewhere. So they'll think I am a bit mad.

One screw detaches it from its base and you have a respectable model that can be used in a simple alternative Avengers set. I am waiting for a cheap green Bentley to see how I can put the two together somehow and charge a little less than the £350+ for the Corgi original. 

Another couple of screws also enable the whole thing to come apart. That's great and allows things like the sticking pop-up headlamps that this model has to be fixed without drilling, glue and all that jazz that spoils the originals. I may also make one of these in the right shade of blue for Emma's second car - it looks as though all the things like wipers and door handles are not painted but minute plastic moulded items that, with care, could be removed and refitted without anyone knowing. Some, though, look just too tiny but I can see me having a go before too long!

There is a hardtop version and the open top - each appearing in several colours so if I can't find any more white I shall have to learn how to do the repaint. The hard top doesn't really suit the set but is another model worth taking a looking at.

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