Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A very clean red Land Rover

I got this curious Land Rover yesterday. It is probably the cleanest, least marked I have ever seen, the lovely red paintwork totally smooth and unblemished. The windows are clean and even the towing hook is clean and bright black painted metal.

There are no signs of repainting and the rivets appear unmarked. The inside, viewed from beneath, shows that it was originally this colour too. An aerial has been added, as has a row of chrome lights in front of the radiator grill. Although the aerial itself is a bit odd it has been well fitted.

The white canopy is what I assume would have come with the Ferrari Gift Set 17 but they can also be obtained as spares anyway. It had K.L.G. Plugs on a transfer on each side of the canopy but that transfer belongs on the 1950s Bedford van.

So it looks like someone has made it up, taking what must have been an immaculate GS17 Land Rover, or possibly a Circus one with a new canopy and sticking extra lights on the front. Quite what the purpose of the aerial is, which would have taken some careful drilling and some time, I don't know. The transfers probably started to crack on the uneven and flexing surface which is why they're mostly missing.

I just need to satisfy myself that KLG Plugs didn't have this particular model made for them by Corgi as a gift for customers or staff. That would be nice if it were the case but otherwise, and I doubt it is anything other than a private job, I shall tidy up the canopy by losing the transfers and replace the aerial with a decent one and add it to my collection of oddities.

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