Thursday, 20 March 2014

My kangaroo is missing

Tomorrow I shall be adding photos of some of the most remarkably good Corgi Toys I have ever seen - totally immaculate models that seem to be straight from a shop or factory. I bought them at auctions in Australia and USA in February and they've finally arrived.

One reason for paying a bit over the odds for one lot was to get  #302 which is pretty rare, not just in such condition and without having had the stickers applied but with the original kangaroo. The kangaroo usually goes missing when kids have played with this - and after over 45 years that's not surprising! But when I unpacked everything there was no kangaroo. Looking again at the illustration I can see that it isn't in its normal place in the box but I had assumed it had merely rolled away in the photo, as the text does say quite clearly with kangaroo.

So I have had to write to the auction people in the States asking for either a kangaroo or money towards one! I felt a bit strange writing about a lost kangaroo but I was just so relieved that I hadn't bought this from the other auction - the Australian one!! No way would they have taken that seriously!

Hopefully the Americans will.

And if you think what I paid was crazy, by the way, here's one for sale here today.

That's $289. But it does have a kangaroo :)

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