Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Avengers - the real cars used

One of Steed's actual Bentleys in the colour filming of the series. Prior to this there were a number of others, also in green. So I can be reasonably 'accurate' with almost any of the Bentleys but the green with green wheels version may be the closest.

It seems that there were two Elans for Mrs Peel and, indeed, the first was white. 

HNK999C was an Elan S2.

Then came the colour series and the blue one - not in the pale colour I had thought, but in something very similar to the Corgi blue model.

SJH 499D was an S3, I am told. So a good model #318 without the Tiger In My Tank transfers would be ideal. That's quite a surprise.

So, that's a task for me - to create an 'accurate' set or two! 

And here are a few more photos I found of the real Lotus (except for the first which is a remarkable scale model).

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