Monday, 10 February 2014

The Saint, black and blue.

Just £1200, well, £1440 including the massive premiums charged by auction firms, would have enabled you to put this Saint's Volvo 1800 on your shelf, as reported last week.

Fork out £8 for this model on Ebay as I write and, if you can find a blue decal or transfer, you can have two on your shelf. The neighbours would never be able to tell the difference.

What I find amusing is the description that the seller has added (not included in the illustration above). It says that this is a rare white version of the Volvo! Maybe without the plastic Roger Moore in the driving seat he could have got away with that. I am intrigued, though, that the original transfer does seem to have been removed without leaving obvious marks on the bonnet, assuming there was one there and it wasn't missed in production. 

So I shall pick up this one (unless there are silly bids offered!) and have a closer look. If it is possible to remove the normal transfer then we all need to be very careful when those rare blue ones appear.

I don't like giving money to idiots who try to fool people so won't be bidding very much.

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