Monday, 10 February 2014

Land Rover - the model that lasted

I now have 14 Land Rovers in stock! This is one of the nicest - #406 so one of the first type but unmarked - arrived today and will be on the site this week. 

The other colour available at the start was quite a bright yellow with a black roof. I am sure the AA and RAC had a part to play in those choices! Actually the RAC did get their own (in a slightly different shade).

Type 2 is #438 and starts off in this lovely dark green with a cream canopy that looked great but probably didn't reflect reality! To distinguish #406 from #438 just look at the front bumper or at the side windows and door.

Next colour for #438 is a pale creamy brown teamed, again, with a cream canopy. Most often found in Gift Set2 with a similar colour horse box.
#438 Type 3 is the more recent version, not really seen much until the early 70s and it came with an odd khaki canopy more often than not. The shade is quite metallic and not really what you expect on a Land Rover. It'll be around for as long as the dark green, though.
An interesting variation with the later models having cast wheels a little before this too, ridiculously, went down the Whizzwheels road.

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