Sunday, 11 October 2020

Shades of primrose and a rare Mini Cooper


I have always wondered about the shades of primrose that you see on the 227 models. although I may be mistaken, a number of recent arrivals seem to indicate that the older models, with fixed wheels and a white bonnet, have a distinctly brighter shade. The later models, with just a white roof and free spinning wheels, are a paler shade.

Neither model is in particularly great condition but they're the best I have at the moment. Prices for all the 227s are always really high. I think there are a lot of Mini specialists out there and the best examples get snapped up quickly.

This illustration also shows the different bases: the fixed wheel model has a lower bumper section that extends across the width of the model whereas the later one is narrower, stopping well short at about the font wheel centres. (I wrote a great deal about these in a detailed summary of Minis, the body castings and bases a couple of years ago. A link to that should be on the main page of the news site.)

Below is something of a rarity. It is a 277 i blue with a white bonnet but it has the later base and free spinning wheels.

Although these are really not something you'll find at all easily, I do now have two examples in stock. This is the better of the two, the other being rather more worn and having a crack in its screen. The narrower front edge of the base is nicely shown in this picture.

All I now need to find is a 227 with either a primrose or blue bonnet and fixed wheels! As usual with Corgis, just as you thought you had a complete collection, along comes a variation.

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