Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Rover 2000TC varieties

If you'd thought that there was just the metallic grey-green model 275 then you will have to make three more spaces on the shelf now.

There are three variations of interior - white is the most sought after and, consequently. most expensive. At the time of writing there is one for sale at £225 and that is without a box! I may have to consider doubling the price I set for mine which looks pretty much as nice.

The second is red, which I have only seen one example of and that is another I have for sale (and maybe too cheaply!)

The normal colour is brown and that's invariably what'll you see out there and they're really quite inexpensive.

There is also a white painted edition, with the red interior, that looks splendid but is not that easy to find. I have one in stock and some lovely photos of an immaculate original I had a while ago.

All have the same, and quite accurate, take-off wheels using the Golden Jacks system. The chrome at the front is a really good example of this type of work that Corgi did and where there were Trans-o-lite headlights in the earlier 2000 models there are now jewels sparkling attractively.

There is also a chrome rear bumper. The bumpers do tend to get damaged and the chrome flakes off easily which can spoil the car's appearance. There isn't much by way of suspension but I have also not noticed any examples of broken suspension which is surprising so it must be sturdier than many of the era.

Because the wheels come off they do come off - and get lost! Both the models with the scarcer interiors had odd combination of wheels when I acquired them but now have the correct ones. Corgi sold spares but the packs are quite pricey unless you find an opened one. The best way to replace lost wheels is to buy a cheap wrecked model or two and steal its wheels. That is why the only normal 275 I have available at the moment has four Camaro wheels!

The most annoying problem, though, is the hinge on the spare wheel container. This is a very vulnerable bit of plastic and it really doesn't stand up to much opening and closing. So may models have an unattached top or no top at all. Replacement spare wheel holders can be bought but they don't look quite right and I am not sure whether they can be fitted to a model without taking it apart. It may just be glued to the boot - and the join not visible anyway.

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