Saturday, 25 March 2017

More Bedford CA varieties

I needed to look again at the range of Bedford CA type models. I had put together a list some time ago but now it has to be updated because I missed a few!

Mainly, I have now seen examples now of straight and curved grills for almost all the Mk I types. One or two seem quite scarce but generally I have had to assume that they are distributed 50-50 for the purpose of wondering how scarce any particular model may be. The main two colour scheme variations for the 'Corgi Toys' 422 and 'Evening Standard' 421 are included. I know there is also a half and half version of the 'Corgi Toys' van which is pretty scarce but I have no idea yet of numbers for that one.

I am also assuming that the different bases on the M models which provide an open or closed front axle and different text layout are consonant with the grill types. If it turns out that each grill type could have a different base type then there will be some further subdivisions necessary! I am hoping this isn't the case or I shall have to find and purchase even more!!

Here are some photos ilustrating the differences:

So, for now, here is the updated listing for anyone interested. It is certainly a good guide to just how difficult some models may be to find and, possibly, prices although I doubt most sellers will look further than the overall total sales of a particular model or, more often the case, whatever price someone else happens to be selling theirs for.

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