Saturday, 25 March 2017

An Austin Seven 'Mini'

This 225 Austin Seven arrived today and it is simply so delightful I had to feature it. It is nothing very rare, just a really nice example. It has shiny wheels which you seldom see these days. I am sure there must be some wonderful polish available that would do the trick on our many rather dull wheels and if anyone knows what it is do please feel free to promote the product or, at least, tell me.

The paintwork is brilliant, not as thick as some paint can be, particularly on some blue Morris models and the silver paint is stunning. Whoever was on 'silver paint' duty at the Corgi factory the day this came down the conveyor belt deserves a medal.

This one also has free-spinning wheels, definitely fewer in number produced than the fixed wheels.

I shall not go on any more. Yes, one day I know I should list the many varieties but. for now, just gaze at this lovely model and it should bring a smile to your day.

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