Friday, 31 March 2017

Adventures with a can of white paint Pt 2

The Studebaker 211 (not M) replica worked out quite well although the rivets don't look right. I like this, though, so will probably keep it after all the trouble!

The 317 lamp stays in place now and the roof has been rescued. I visited another collector yesterday and he had this pretty poor box lying around. They seem made for each other! I wish I had a couple of replacement #37 transfers but never mind. someone might like it as it stands for a modest amount.

The Rover looks considerably better now without the chips all over the roof but there are still lots of touch-ins in the maroon area. I have to say to those who do these things: "If you're going to touch in paintwork for heaven's sake get the right colour!" I may try and redo them myself. The person I visited also, by pure coincidence, had a spare 322 box as well! It's almost complete but a bit messy in places. However it may help the Rover to sell now. I can't remember who made the transfers but you'll see from comparison with the lower (smaller) image of an original 322 that they really should have chosen the font a bit more carefully!

My last task was to finish the Emma Peel Lotus Elan. That was one of my better efforts which was a relief as I didn't have another to work with. I had not noticed, until I put it together, though, that I'd missed part of the base section. As it happens that ends up as the rear bumper and the grey-silver works just fine! I am now hoping that it reaches its destination in deepest Somerset intact. With the paintwork still quite fresh I could not wrap it in anything that would grip tightly but found a polystyrene container with a section cut out that was just the right size so it ought to make the journey OK.

The person I visited has his own little project of creating something similar to the white 322 Monte Carlo edition. I quite fancy that myself so the adventures with a can of white paint may well continue another day!

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