Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Two Bedford CA Dormobiles

I have mentioned being a little intrigued by variations in the early Corgi CA vans before. Now I have some more to report, as this nice 404M Personnel Carrier arrived today from France. Look at the radiator grills: they are quite different with a much more curved top edge and flowing sides on the one on the right, which is the more recent arrival.

I am also pretty sure that the windows are larger with a less rounded front edge to the roof above.

To the side I didn't detect much, other than more pronounced edge lines for features like the rear wheel cover, door etc.

Not much to choose between them at the back either, the one on the left having rather more rough casting at the bottom edges perhaps.

Clear differences here: the text is different and, interestingly, the front axle fittings are open on one and closed on the other. I have looked the open ones under a magnifying glass and can't detect any sign of simple damage or a 'layer' of the metal spring being removed.

I can see no commentary on these models that has much detail so would welcome any information if anyone has any. I am still trying to locate one item to complete the CA collection - the 412 Mk2 ambulance with the single screen. That is proving to be so elusive. If I hadn't seen an example on the Little Wheels site then I would not have ever dreamt it existed! I did try and buy that one, in fact, but it had long gone.

In due course I shall have to make a detailed study of this series. I have not yet advertised them very much so the set should remain complete for a while and I can compare them more carefully than I have to date. It's nice to have a definitive list to work to but I am increasingly finding that I am having to make my own!

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